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A Cup Of Questions with: Alessandra Ambrosio

By Anna Lebedeva @ Numéro Russia


Photo by Élio Nogueira

1. How strong the spheres of fashion and modeling has changed from your work on the First Elle Brazil cover to nowadays? And how ideas of models’ work have changed?

I think that with innovation and social media have changed the fashion and modeling landscape but the basic principles and ideas are still the same. I think models have more of a voice today and fashion is much more instant then it used to be. When I was starting we had to go and meet all the clients in person and I feel today everything can be arrange remotely. Additionally with social media, models are able to showcase their personality and also have more of a voice. At the same time all the girls back then and now have to work hard on keeping fit, creating their brand and being professional.

2. Virtual reality occupies all aspects of our life. For example, Lil Miquela (virtual instagram model) already has 1.4 million followers! So she is an important “person” of luxury brands’ campaigns. What do you think about virtual modeling as a phenomenon?

The concept is very new to me but it is interesting. I recently meet Noonoori who is also another virtual instagram model and really enjoyed our interaction. I love that fashion industry is getting more inclusive and also allowing virtual instagram models to be a part of it.

3. You’re Victoria’s Secret Angel. Whether the virtual reality can replace fabulous girly on the catwalk? Do you think something can force out real girls?

Wow this is a tough question. I don't think that this will happen in our lifetime as I think what makes the models of today special is their personality and inner beauty. We are all different so with each girl you get something different.

4. What are your predictions of the modeling in the future?

I am not really sure what future holds but I just hope it is more inclusive as I think there is space for everyone in this amazing industry.

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