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You see a piece of paper Could be a little greater Show me what you could make her You’ll never know until you try it Hmm, hmm And you don’t have to keep it quiet
And I know it makes you nervous But I promise you, it’s worth it To show ’em everything you kept inside Don’t hide, don’t hide Too shy to say, but I hope you stay Don’t hide away Come out and play

As Billie Eilish says, you’ll never know until you try it!

Life offers us a world of possibilities, and the opportunity to choose how to live them. To use them or not.

Fear is one of the dominant traits of our society. On so many levels it regularly impacts our life, through decisions made or missed, through actions taken or postponed. And, especially, through compromises that we all too often mistake for well though-out moves: on the contrary, they lead our society to mediocrity, dullness, and yes, even boredom!

In the daily choice to make life special, we find inspiration in scenes, things, words, actions. In Collini Milano’s world, inspiration comes in many shapes, colors, energies. Today we chose a magic place, Lake Como, and a goliardic artist who rocked the scene and our day with excitement and amazement!


Collini Milano at Lake Como

Behind the scenes of an acrobatic clip that went viral on social media is hidden the sense of daring and amusement, that taste for pleasure that comes from courage and practice, from consistency in training and dedication.

To be honest, aren’t these the values we would love to see in our growing generations?

Father and son, the Rotondaro family


The Collini family promises exactly that: to be daring, to be in love with energy, to grow choosing uniqueness over mediocrity. And we are confident that colors and actions will follow J

Hence fear will subside, and shyness will find its way toward beauty, toward excitement: like in in a courageous, and powerful acrobatic backflip, framed by Collini’s iconic bomber!


Plato teaches us through Socrates’ dialog: “Isn’t strength beautiful when it’s accompanied by intelligence? – Of course. – And what about when it’s accompanied by foolishness and stupidity, is that a damaging force? – Yes, of course. – So… based on this, courage is a strength sustained by intelligence! – That’s right”.

See you next week!

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