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Florence: University Students Take Classes at Historic CaffÈ Rivoire

While the iconic Florentine landmark undergoes a prestigious restyling, the dream of generations comes true bringing culture back to literary cafés.

FLORENCE, Italy and NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Classes in a historical café, among the most elegant in the city. It's happening in Florence, where on Monday September 28th, Rivoire, a famous café in Piazza della Signoria, will host the first class for students of University of Florence degree in "Fashion System Design." Caffe' Rivoire will set up an outdoor space in the iconic Florentine piazza.

Carmine Rotondaro owner of Caffè Rivoire

Carmine Rotondaro owner of Caffe' Rivoire"Schools and universities need to experiment with new forms of teaching and knowledge transmission. After the long months in lockdown, we are rediscovering and giving new value to relationships, that are the basis of school life. But COVID forces some rules on us, to contain the spread of the virus, and this is why the University of Florence is coming up with new ways of interpreting its teaching mission," explains a note from the Department of Architecture and Design of the University of


CAFFE' RIVOIRE undergoing high profile restyling

HISTORY AND CULTURE Between the end of the 1800 and the beginning of 1900, Florence was the city of literary cafés. Artists, writers, and musicians who made the history of literature and of the most innovative artistic movements in Italy and beyond, used to populate the Rivoire tables.

"When I acquired the prestigious Caffe' Rivoire, I had in mind exactly this: to bring back to life the splendid tradition of literary cafés, of cafés as a place where intelligence and beauty can meet and engage each other, in an accessible and stimulating environment. Long live culture, long live Rivoire!" exclaims Carmine Rotondaro, owner of the historic Florentine café.

"After a hundred years, this city has the chance to redesign its mission, recovering the cultural values of innovation and creativity that belong to it," concludes the note from the University of Florence.


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