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High Fashion and Celebrities: Natalia Barulich as New Face of COLLINI MILANO

NEW YORK and MILAN, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --She has been constantly under the spotlight in the past two years, and even during the difficult months marked by the pandemic, Natalia found her way to make her mark with beauty and positive role-modeling.


Collini handpicked some of the most recognized artists for BORN TO SHINE: Dennis Leupold, Ilaria Niccolini, Dimitris Giannetos, and Victor Noble.

Increasingly international and naturally attuned with cosmopolitan trends, Collini hits the North American market with a high-profile distribution action through channels and media that speak straight to the heart of all who enjoy luxury and positive energy.

Feeling good while dressing in dreamy glam fashion seems almost impossible, and yet it is Collini's focus.

'I grew up in the modeling and entertainment industries thanks to determination, research, and commitment: I found the same values in Collini's care for styles, fabrics, colors. Plus the energy on set, working with these amazing professionals, oh gosh, fun fun fun, and lots of love always!' adds Natalia, while leaving backstage.


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