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L’Officiel’s Year of the Woman

Elio Nogueria presents beauty and strength as traits of femininity in the L’Officiel Germany shoot. With La Tana Dei Lupi in Fidenza, Italy providing a powerful setting, dogs trained by TURBOLAND accompanied the models to conclude “the year of the woman”.



TURBOLAND is a Pedigree certified dog training facility where trainers work with world-renowned, award-winning dogs such as those in the photoshoot. These German Shepards walked around and posed for the camera reflecting the strength of the girls walking them and the people who trained them. L’Officiel Germany exemplifies “French Style” and leads other fashion publications around the world. It is a celebrated magazine that illustrates European elegance and class while also presenting the front lines of trends.

This year, L’Officiel ran many stories regarding the power of women. From tackling the #metoo movement to addressing the #WeAreAllHumanity project aiding women in Congo, 2018 was a year of the strength of women for this magazine.

L’Officiel brought this great year to a close with this shoot at TURBOLAND. It was dedicated to the late Antonella Niccolini, founder of TURBOLAND and sister of the CEO of FTL Moda. All the dogs shown in these photographs were actually hers; they were trained by Antonella. Antonella was passionate about German Shepherds her whole life. She adopted her first dog, Mutz, when she was 13. He grew up to be a sweet, reliable dog. This is where her love of the breed began. Antonella spent her life side-by-side with her dogs. She always put her love of the breed above money, competition, or days off. She worked every day of her adult life: from high school to her passing at 51.

One of the biggest focuses of her life is in the spotlight again in this shoot. Antonella’s impact is clear. She had trained dogs to work with people from all walks of life: seeing-eye dogs, police dogs, actors and models.

Her consistency built up her skills as a trainer and her professionalism built up her credibility. She became a resilient trainer and woman.

When she wasn’t training dogs, she was raising her two kids, Mattia and Nicole. She cared a lot of them and the community they grew up in. She was a woman of exemplary strength. TURBOLAND is just one of the many places where the people who knew her see her still. She shines over us on the night sky, and looks after her friends and family from her place in heaven. Losing people we love this much is a painful part of life that only the luckiest of us feel. Thank you to everyone involved in the shoot for helping us remember Antonella. May the sweetness of her life be forever echoed in the sweetness of the memories she leaves behind. Era una donna fantastica ma ora é un angelo spettacolare.

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