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So, how was Coterie?

Coterie may have been hard work but it was worth it for FTL Moda. We helped to sell for ten brands including Braiconf, Petite Coco, and Moja.



We occupied 2000 square feet of the Javits Center, one of the largest convention centers in America. Our space was divided between Romanian and Italian designers as well as some from Hong Kong.

This sales event allowed us to reach around sixty new account openings on top of our regular customers in our women’s wear and shoe departments. This means we averaged

one new sale every 25 minutes!

Our brands represented the future of textiles. Many brands like Hardcore Fashion and Papucei bought bold futuristic looks. Others like THAÏS & STRÖE and Avenglosa brought natural, breezy looks into the end of this decade.

“It was a lot of work.” said Bailey Kaufman, a sales assistant for FTL. “It felt surreal to see how we set this whole thing up, powered through three days of sales, and packed everything away so quickly.”

Seeing how empty the convention center was on Wednesday night after everything that happened three days prior felt unnatural. If you want pictures you can find them on the FTL Moda instagram where Lauren Smith regularly updates our followers on everything happening inside and outside the showroom.

If you missed the opportunity to see us during Coterie, contact us and visit our showroom where we have some brands like Commune Bonum and Bereshift that were not in the Javits Center.

Congratulations to our team and all other sellers who attended Coterie this year.

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