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So, What is Coterie?

Three busy days, an exclusive guest list, elevated women’s wear. With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, it may seem like the fashion buzz is over but we still have Coterie to go.


Accessory Magazine, 2017.


FTL Moda is the top three seller and has the most space this time around. This year, we will be representing several brands including AVENGLOSA, SETRE, and THAÏS & STRÖE.

Coterie presents buyers a unique opportunity to interact with our brands. Unlike when our buyers simply browse our lookbooks online, Coterie presents an opportunity to feel the fabric and see what the lines look like on the sales associates wearing them. This helps buyers decide exactly what they want to buy.

The personal feel of this show encourages buyers and sellers to form a more personal connection, adding a more human feel to sales. A large portion of our initial connections with clients come from this event and so do some sales.

The event, unfortunately, does not allow for the deeper connections that we prefer since the buyers have many other booths to see. This is why, afterwards, our team completes even more sales and deepens their connections with clients at our showroom in New York City.

We extend our clientele around the United States to give them access to brands from places like Peru, Hong Kong, and Europe. This encourages a wider range of looks promoting a cosmopolitan feel in the stores of our clients.

Events like Coterie help push the fashion industry forward since it draws in people from across the world to learn and grow their taste outside of what is typically available to them.

This weekend (Feb 25-27) is Coterie so expect updates soon. If you will be attending, come visit our booth! Email us for details.

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